We ‘rolled’ a good party

We would like to share with you a bit of atmosphere from our traditional team building that we organized on April 28th this year. We gathered at the bowling alley to celebrate the completion of another successful quarter. This event has become our tradition and opportunity to connect as a team and enjoy joint competition.

We split up into teams and started measuring up our skills. The outcomes and results were in the background, because what really matters is the fact that this was a perfect opportunity to strengthen our team spirit and build even better cooperation. There was a lot of laughter, joy and good fun, which you can seen in the photos we took that day. In those moments, we forgot about business tasks and indulged in a casual atmosphere, which brought us all refreshment and positive energy.

Our team building events are diverse and we try to organize them on different occasions. Sometimes we organize them to celebrate successful months or quarters, when we want to reward the efforts and achievements of our team. Also, we use these opportunities to celebrate personal events, such as birthdays, New Year’s celebrations, diplomas and other important life moments of our colleagues and friends. We believe that it is important to nurture close relationships between colleagues and celebrate successes together.

These events allow us to get to know each other better outside the working environment and build friendships that strengthen our cooperation at work.

Through all sorts of activities, we create memories that connect us and encourage team spirit. We will continue to “utilize” every opportunity for a new gathering and will always try to provide an unforgettable experience to all participants.