Happy World Vegan Day!

Year after year, awareness of the benefits of a vegan diet, but also a vegan lifestyle, has been rising. Therefore, every November 1, World Vegan Day is given an increasing importance.

This global event was designed with the idea of promoting a lifestyle and a nutrition manner that excludes food and all other products of animal origin. Animal welfare is not the only reason for this, but also the need to spread awareness about the harmful effects of consuming animal products on human health and the environment.

Bearing in mind the importance of this topic, our commitment to the well-being of the environment, and the increasing number of consumers who have switched to a vegan diet, our company makes a great effort to meet their needs as much as possible. From November 2022, all our products from the Granola category have the Vegan label, i.e. a certificate issued by the Association for Animal Protection and Rights “Freedom for Animals”. The condition for obtaining this certificate is that all raw materials and all elements used in production must be vegan, as well as that all our raw material suppliers have the same certificate. The certificate is renewed every year, so our current certificate for Granola products is valid from January 2023. In addition, there are more vegan products in our range. This includes all products from the categories of flakes and cornflakes, as well as all muesli products except chocolate ones.

Also, The Fun&Fit Company has been approved on a company-wide level by the Association for the Protection and Rights of Animals “Freedom for Animals”, which makes us extremely proud, but also gives us the obligation to continue developing a sustainable way of doing business and to spread awareness of healthier styles of life that can be fun and tasty at the same time.

The history of the World Vegan Day began in 1994, when the president of the Vegan Association of the United Kingdom, Louise Wallis, started this initiative. Since then, every year on this occasion, various manifestations are held around the world, of which the Annual Vegan Food Festival in Boston stands out, as well as various events in several cities in Germany, Australia and New Zealand.