Our story

Our story begins as early as 1991 when a company and production facility with a packing center under the name Florida Bell were founded. Over the years, the scope of business increased, so in 1998 the Company bought and introduced a modern line for frying and baking grain products. At the same time, a modern vacuum packaging machine entered the production plant. For our story, 2007 is also a very important year when we started to operate within the Delta Holding Group. Due to the desire for constant innovation and monitoring of market trends, we expanded our product range, built a factory and a new production plant. A new chapter of our company and building of a new corporate identity was opened at the beginning of 2016 since when we have been operating under the name of The Fun&Fit Company d.o.o.

At the very beginning of operation, the Company opted for goods that are not characteristic of this region: exotic tropical types of nuts, dried fruits and snacks produced from these fruits. During the years, the activity included direct processing, frying, baking and packaging of finished products. They are all designed and manufactured according to long-prepared recipes based on experience for the markets.

The desire for continuous innovation has resulted in the expansion of production capacities. Tody, the Fun&Fit plant includes automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines, continuous roasters for dry-baking and other modern machines and devices. Carefully following the trends in the healthy food market, we are continuously expanding the offer of products, of which the muesli program, which has found its safe place with consumers, stands out.

Our story has been going on for years, but we are far from being finished with innovating and improving the healthy food market, we are actually just getting started.



The Fun&Fit Company – a respected and innovative company with a significant positive impact on trends and market trends. A Company that offers to a large number of satisfied customers high-quality products that contribute to a better, healthier and happier life.



Build and maintain long-term relationships with customers and consumers by offering them high-quality products. We strive to offer everyone the highest quality products made to the highest global standards at all times.



Both as a company and as individuals, we respect and value integrity, honesty, sincerity, openness, the desire for personal progress and respect for others. We are not afraid of big challenges. We take care of our customers, consumers, suppliers and associates. We produce and sell food products that we are proud of.

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Business segments


When it comes to exporting the brand, in addition to the region where we are already present, we have started expanding the impact of our brand through deliveries to China, Russia and Lebanon. Also, our exports have spread to the markets of Hungary, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Nigeria and many others.

Private label

In recent years, the PL market has experienced increasing expansion, and Fun&Fit is an important partner in the production of a private brand for the largest retail chains, both in Serbia and in the region. Technological equipment and knowledge differentiate us from the rest of the market, so we have been recognized as reliable partners by Delhaize, Mercator-S region, Konzum, Lidl, AWT, Metro, Univerexport, DIS, but also by Bambi, Nectar as well as by a number of others. The brands we produce are: Premia, Maxi, Nature Promise, K Plus, Garden Good, Hrusty, Rise& Smile, Baš baš, Dobro, ARO, Fine Life and many others. We have expressed our readiness for further development in the PL market through the establishment of the Food Quality and Safety System (IFS FOOD), which was established and recognized by the world's largest trade chains.


As a company committed to producing and marketing only high- quality products, Fun&Fit is a reliable supplier for large industrial customers and cooperates with the most famous confectioners in the region such as: Bambi, Frikom, Lidl, Stark, Medela, Jaffa, Pioneer, Moravka, Candy Rush, Swisslion Trebinje.



V-Label is an internationally recognized, registered trademark for the labelling of vegan and vegetarian products and services, established in Switzerland in 1996. This label on our products guarantees that they are not of animal origin or not tested on animals.


IFS represents the quality standard and the standard for food safety in one. We operate according to the highest standards in food production and as a proof of that, we received an extremely high rating, which amounts to 99.36% of compliance with IFS standards.

Environmental sustainability

We believe that the future is green and we want to preserve environment for generations to come. In order to enable a greener future for everyone, our Company has installed 216 photovoltaic panels with a total power of 90 kWp (kilowatts of peak power). Solar systems guarantee a cleaner environment, and therefore a healthier environment, which is imperative today. They are expected to produce about 100,000 kWh (kilowatt hours) of green energy per year, which, in addition to environmentally responsible business, will also bring significant annual savings. The Fun&Fit Company is part of Delta Holding, a business system that considers sustainable business its strategic commitment, and energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources the focus of its socially responsible operation in the coming period.