JUMBO success. literally.

They say that for good things in life, as well as in business, we need to show courage, creativity and go beyond the comfort zone. These are the main ingredients of our award-winning campaign “Literally for Peanuts”.

When we sat down with our associates from Why Not and New Strategy a little over a year ago, we noted for joke that we were then working for peanuts literally. The joke quickly turned into a brainstorm, and from this brainstorm a famous message that came out that flooded social networks and billboards in Belgrade: “In need of a person who will work for peanuts. Literally. Everyone was delighted by this bold and creative communication, and the campaign for our Jumbo brand was…., well, Jumbo, how else. 😊

And what kind of a campaign is Jumbo? It is a campaign shared within two weeks by almost all influencers, talked about by the entire city, reaching almost two million, making people with a wide smile apply for their “dream job” and win a handful of awards.

Speaking of awards, we must mention that the “Literally for Peanuts” campaign won two golds in the categories of Media and Employer Branding at the CACTUS Festival, gold and bronze in the categories of OOH Campaign and Online marketing campaign at the famous UEPS and gold in the category of Employer Branding at the unforgettable Mixx Awards. However, this is not the end, Jumbo would not have been Jumbo, if it had not grown beyond the borders of Serbia and conquered the entire Balkans, as evidenced by the three golds at the prestigious Balcannes Festival held in Rovinj. We won gold in the Food Category, in the Corporate Communications category, and the award for the BEST ADVERTISER of the YEAR came as a peanut at the top of our Fun&Fit story! 🥳 🥳 🥳

Creativity, boldness, dedication and faith in the idea is what made our Jumbo recognizable beyond the borders of Serbia. We are very pleased with what we have achieved, but we are not celebrating, we are planning for our Jumbo to conquer the rest of Europe. We know, it sounds overly ambitious, but nothing is hard when you have a Jumbo solution. Literally. 😉