Team (building) on top of things

We held another team building, this time, in the idyllic surroundings of Fruška gora. Our dedicated team left Belgrade on the 2nd June and started an adventure we will remember as a beautiful experience.

We spent the morning walking along the paths of the beautiful Fruska Gora mountain, and the planned route of 5 kilometers was easily mastered by all team members. During this active venture, colleagues enjoyed each other’s conversations and the beautiful surroundings of our national park. The end of the walking tour ended with a visit to the monasteries of Staro and Novo Hopovo, where we got familiarized with the spiritual and cultural heritage of this area.

After a pleasant break and lunch in the Atos restaurant, located on the bank of the Danube and with a stunning view of the river, we headed to the Šijački winery. There we had the opportunity to hear more about the history of the winery itself and discover the stories behind the names of selected wine varieties. In addition, we enjoyed wine tasting, complemented by homemade cheese, jams and bread that additionally contributed to the overall experience.

The importance of such events was also emphasized by our colleague from the HR sector, Sonja Vučković: Organizing team building is important for our team because it brings people together and helps them connect through interesting activities in a different and less formal environment. Team building is a great opportunity for employees to improve their mutual communication skills, which later they will transfer to their tasks or team projects. Every successful team building is actually a path to a more creative workplace.”

This unforgettable team building on Fruška Gora is just one of many initiatives that our company takes to encourage team spirit, improve communication among employees and create an inspiring working environment. We are proud to say that the organization of the event itself was on top of things, but also all colleagues who successfully made steps towards new moments of team unity.