New Granola flavors have arrived!

After launching Granola at the end of last year with great success – a premium product that won the hearts of many consumers in record time, we have now added two more to the existing flavours.

Our Granolas, characterized by exceptional crispness achieved by dry baking, are additionally enriched with chocolate cherry and peanut butter flavours combined with black chocolate!

Although this product may not look appealing at first glance, its extremely rich nutritional composition, carefully selected ingredients and irresistible flavour combinations actually prove that true values and beauty are hidden inside, just in line with our slogan.

And what gives added value to your Granola meals is the fact that they are made without added sugar.

New Granola flavours are the perfect choice for all those who, despite many challenges of the modern lifestyle, appreciate quality ingredients and a healthier diet. This is why we invite you to find new Granola flavours in all better-stocked stores and taste the new beauties hidden inside.

And we will continue to work equally committed to innovating and developing products that show our consumers that it’s not hard to be fit!