Meet our new colleagues!

We are pleased to present three new members of our team – Anđela Malinić, Tatjana Šolajić and Tanja Popović. These talented and ambitious girls have joined us in different positions, bringing with them knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

Anđela Malinić from Belgrade, works as a marketing assistant within the Young Leaders Project. As a graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture in Zemun, Anđela is a nature lover and adventurer. In her free time, she likes to explore the natural beauty of Serbia with her friends and enjoy social games. In The Fun&Fit Company she sees a great opportunity to improve and gain knowledge in the field she is particularly interested in – which is marketing.

Tanja Popović, employed as an assistant in finance, graduated from the Higher Mechanical Technical School – Production Department Engineer. Outside of work, Tanja likes to spend time with her family and go hiking, enjoying nature and all its beauties.

Tatjana Šolajić, our new member of the procurement team, was born in Lučani. A graduate biotechnologist from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade, Tatjana says that she devotes most of her free time to friends and family, traveling and meeting new places and new people. As a biotechnologist in the procurement sector, she sees working in the company as leaving the comfort zone and an opportunity to overcome some new challenges, as well as the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience.

The Fun&Fit Company is proud of its diverse and talented team which is constantly expanding. We are convinced that with the arrival of Anđela, Tatjana and Tanja, our team has become even stronger and more able to face challenges and achieve new wins.