Breakfast that will support your daily activities!

In today's everyday busyness, we often lose track of the importance of nutritionally quality food.
It is there to provide us with energy, necessary nutrients, proper growth and development of the youngest, but also prevention from various diseases
That's exactly why - oatmeal, granola, various combinations of grains and seeds come as an ideal solution in moments of haste.

These foods are prepared quickly and easily, in just a few minutes - while at the same time providing enough energy for a good start to the day!
If you enrich your selected cereals with a source of protein and fat, you will get a complete meal that will provide you with satiety, but also a stable blood sugar level.

An example of such a meal would be oatmeal with raspberries, and the recipe follows below:

- 50g of FUN&FIT oatmeal

- ⁠150 gr of high-protein Greek yogurt

- ⁠10g of chia seeds

- ⁠50g of raspberries

- A handful of hazelnuts or almonds

Mix all the ingredients and enjoy a delicious and FIT meal that will have multiple benefits for you, while the preparation will only take a few minutes.