How did popcorn come about?

Who first thought of trying cow’s milk, who invented the wheel, and how, oh, how did popcorn come about? All these are the questions we ask in the rare moments of leisure, and today we will try to answer the most important ones among them… HOW, OH, HOW DID POPCORN COME ABOUT?

Popcorn has been a favourite snack in every household for decades, it is simply impossible to imagine going to the movies, a movie evening at home or sitting with friends without it. However, the question remains, when and how did popcorn come about?

There are several theories about how popcorn originated, and we will tell you some of them below.

One of the most popular theories is that popcorn was discovered by chance hundreds of years ago, when natives in South America used corn for food. Legend has it that some natives left the corn on the fire, and the grains exploded and turned into a salty pleasure that we now call popcorn.

Another popular theory is that popcorn was discovered by American Indians in the 16th century. They allegedly used corn to make cakes, and when the grains were too big, they threw them on the fire. So the corn would explode and turn into flakes that would then gather at the bottom of the pan where the flat bread was baked. However, the question remains when and how did popcorn become planetary popular?

Popcorn became popular during the 20th century, and especially after the occurrence of cinema. According to legend, the Great Depression of 1929 had a huge impact on the popularity and their consumption at the beginning of the 20th century. Namely, during the 1930s, people were poor and could not afford expensive food in cinemas, so popcorn became a cheap alternative. The owners of the cinema did not take long to see this, so they soon included them in the offer. As snacks that are easy to prepare and hold, with a distinctive scent that leaves no one indifferent, popcorn quickly flooded cinema halls across America. Cinematographers developed popcorn machines that would produce large amounts of this salty pleasure quickly and efficiently. Since then, popcorn has become an indispensable part of the cinema  experience. Over the years, different flavours of popcorn started to be produced, but one remained the same – they are still a favourite snack in all cinemas and households around the world.

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