Granola through history

If we had to describe granola in one sentence, it would certainly be a perfect delicious breakfast, which is quickly and easily prepared and which is full of nutrients. We are sure that today everyone is familiar with the benefits of granola and that it is a favourite breakfast of many of you, but the question is: when and how did we discover granola? Today’s recognizable modern healthy food, consisting of a mixture of cereals, nuts and dried fruits, granola has a long history. It first appeared in the United States in the 19th century, when it was a popular trend of vegetarianism and healthy eating. During this period, granola was sold as breakfast food in health food stores and on trips as food for enduring adventurers. A quick and nutritious meal, it was ideal for those who had a great physical exertion on their travels. The originator of granola is an American physician, John Harvey Kellogg, who created oatmeal in his sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan, which was then baked in the oven. This food later evolved into granola, which Kellogg sold in his health food store. When talking about the commercialization of granola, its first sale was started in 1898, when Daniel D. Scott founded the Natural Food Company. The company produced granola from a mixture of cereals, nuts, honey and other natural ingredients, which led to a great popularisation of this cereal. During the 20th century, granola was gaining popularity, and its production was expanding beyond the borders of the United States, so there were almost no supermarkets without granola in sales offer.

Granola has gained a complete affirmation in the 21st century. Since people today live faster than ever and the awareness of healthy eating has significantly increased, granola is increasingly part of the menu in many households. We are sure that you have all heard a handful of recipes, how to best prepare granola and what nutrients it contains, so we will not bother you with this, but we will invite you to try the Fun&Fit granola, which comes in 4 flavours, and discover the beauty inside.