We learn from success stories

Read the interview with Chris and Heidi Powell, a couple widely known for promoting healthy lifestyle habits, which has attracted the attention of the media for quite some time. They have their own website and YouTube channel, which made them popular across the globe.

Q: People say they are desperate, but don’t know how to reverse their luck and turn their life to their own advantage, so they think that a regimen is the easiest way to start... What would you recommend, what are the first steps they should take?

A:  We are all different, each person is unique, but let’s say that one of the general recommendations is not to skip breakfast, which many people do … in addition, we need to drink a lot of water, which people generally don’t do… Short walks during the day can significantly improve our wellbeing…

In a nutshell, everyone chooses their own method, but what we all have in common is the need to “commit” to something. For a start, let it be a single “decision”, which we’ll see through to the end.

Q: Yes, I know many people who put a lot of pressure on themselves, but nothing seems to work.

A: It’s interesting that people don’t know what they can do until they try. We can talk about it for hours but... YOU DON’T GET IT UNTIL YOU DO IT. When you achieve your goals, it feels amazing and it really boosts your self-confidence and the quality of your life.



Q: I know for sure that you’re extremely busy and people are generally busy throughout the day, so they need to juggle work, family and everyday chores... So, my question is what can “busy” people do on a daily basis, without sparing more than 5 to 10 minutes?

A: Yes, you are right, we are all very busy, but what we find useful is setting the alarm clock a bit earlier to gain some time... the early morning when everyone is still asleep is usually quiet and peaceful, and it can be your time of the day, especially if you have kids and need some peace and quiet.

So in the morning when we get up, we can do a series of exercises and the whole body will activate, wake up and the energy we all have inside starts to flow... Give it a try – a half an hour to an hour make a huge difference!