Those with experience choose the right partner for the morning

Answer the following questions and find out which Fun&Fit product is the best for you!

What is your idea of an ideal vacation?

a) Practicing extreme sports somewhere in the mountain


b) Spending time in the shade of a forest by the lake 


c) Picturesque sandy beach


The best nights out are spent:

a) With lots of people, till dawn


 b) With your partner, in a romantic atmosphere


 c) With a group of close friends, at a hidden location


Your favorite film genre is:

a) Action


 b) Romance


c) Comedy


Your favorite kind of recreation:

a) Riding a bike


b) Yoga


c) Swimming



Tip A

You love surprises and adrenaline, so you never choose to engage in one activity only. It’s the same when you choose your meal – for this reason, we advise you to mix two flavors. For someone like you, Fun&Fit Muesli Choco and Fun&Fit Muesli Top are an ideal combination.


Tip B

You like to live in a world of your own and your peace and quiet are priceless to you. You don’t allow anyone disturb your peace, and the person who makes you feel at peace is your partner. As you prefer mild and familiar flavors, Fun&Fit Muesli Classic and Fun&Fit Corn Flakes are the best option.


Tip C


You enjoy your solitude, but you also like the company of others. For your vacation, you choose unusual places and far away destinations. You are creative and often come up with new ideas to make your day.  Our recommendation is – Fun&Fit Tropic for the beginning of the day and Fun&Fit Multigrain with cranberries for a dinner.