Move your body and cerebral convolutions!

We know you are not the first person on Earth to eat cereals. But did you know that people started growing cereals 8000 years ago?


What is your favorite Fun&Fit product? In the past, there weren’t so many choices. One of the first cereals consumed with milk and sugar was actually popcorn!




We already know that cereals boost energy… But some people profit much more! Frank Sinatra claimed that his success with women was also due to the diet based on the then popular American cereals.

What do astronauts eat? In the course of the first moon landing, astronauts ate cereals with fruit compressed into cubes, as in the absence of gravity, they could not have eaten them in a bowl of milk.


We all love gifts, but who was the first one to think of it? Corn Flakes was the first cereal sold with a gift in the box.

Where did the word “cereal” come from? The word cereal originates from the Latin word Ceres, which is the name of the Roman goddess of agriculture, patron of farmers.

We celebrate Fun&Fit every day, but… the entire world celebrates March 7 as the Cereal Day.

Where are cereals most popular? You probably know the answer, but do you know that as many as 50% of Americans start their day with a bowl of cereals? It amounts to 160 bowls per person a year!