A glass to make you smile


Bzzzzz... Turn off the alarm clock, turn on the blender, mix everything up and indulge in a combination of refreshing flavors.


Mix all the ingredients, put them in the blender, wait a few seconds and that’s it!

Good mood is an essential ingredient.

Serve it with a smile.

Drink it up with pleasure.

Share the secret with the ones you love.

Fun&Fit Xplosion smoothie:

1 peeled and sliced apple

3 strawberries

2 cups of milk

½ cups of Fun&Fit Tropic Muesli

½ handful of raw hazelnuts

Fun&Fit choco-crunchy smoothie:

1 banana

½ cup of Fun&Fit crunchy choco

1 cup of milk (or almond milk)

½ handful of almonds

1 honey spoon

Useful advice:

Natural – it is always a better choice, so if you want your drink to taste better, pour a spoonful of honey instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners, and you will immediately notice the difference.

Add pumpkin seeds, oat flakes or chia seeds to make the meal even better.

Play with the ingredients – add frozen forest fruits, mix different Fun&Fit mueslis or add a snack mix (peanut, cashew, almond, hazelnut – no restrictions whatsoever!).